Welcome to our CPHS Data Repository project!

The CPHS Data Repository is an online, free-access archive of fully documented, high-quality datasets from surveys in Vietnam. In addition, the CPHS Data Repository displays a summary of statistics based on different health themes as well as analytical results from surveys in Vietnam. We developed two components, as follows:


The goal of this component is to enable research institutes, research organizations and researchers to contribute and share datasets with the scientific community through this website. Every dataset is documented, standardized and converted into suitable formats. The CPHS Data Repository will enable researchers to quickly identify and obtain the data they need.


This component displays demographic and health indicators based on health statistics data and survey data in Vietnam. It aims at providing government officials, policymakers with evidence that can guide their decision-making process. In addition, evidence will support researchers, lecturers and students to conduct further research that seeks to improve the health of the population.